Sunday, 31 January 2016

Fraction Fun!

Sunday 31st January 2016

Sunday is a working day in Dubai and I have just returned from another busy day in school. It was a wonderful day and the children really enjoyed learning about fractions. To get the children excited I decided to use Skittles to teach them about fractions, estimating and probability. 

The lesson was very exciting and the children enjoyed the challenge of estimating what fraction of each colour was in each bag. The higher ability children also calculated the equivalent fractions. 

We will continue learning about fractions tomorrow with another hands on activity. A huge number line labeled 0-1 will be drawn on the playground. Each child (differentiated to ability) will have an A4 piece of paper with a fraction written in the middle The children will have to place the fraction on the number line. It will be a fun, hands on activity that will be a great way to get the children seeing fractions in a different way. We can repeat the activity using decimal points for the higher ability children. 

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