Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Idea of the day!!!

Tuesday 2nd February 2016

The half way point in the school year is almost upon us and my children have been working very hard to achieve their personal targets. The question I have been discussing with my colleagues this week is how does everyone track student targets. After further research I realised that most children in my area of the school (Ages 5-8) didn't actually know the targets that the teacher had set. Most children had an idea what they thought they could get better at, but not what their specific targets were. With this in mind, I discussed this topic again with my team. We all agreed that to ensure that individual targets are understood and achieved then we needed to create templates that children can easily understand and follow. They also need to be easily managed by teachers. One main idea and suggestion came out of the discussion and it can work with children of all ages. 

This is a screen shot of one part of the target template. As you can see, this is for the current term. Each child will have the full A4 version of this with Autumn and Summer included, glued in at the front of their Maths and English books. The children are given two targets at the beginning of each term and they are recorded on this template. If the children demonstrate that they have achieved their target, then they can colour one smiley face. Once all five smiley faces have been coloured in they have achieved that target and will receive a new one. 

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